New Spiritual Horizons Submersion℠ Retreat in Lombok

The New Spiritual Horizons Program is the discovery, study and experience of the REAL YOU. This program offers you the tools to tap into your inner guidance, spiritual gifts and your innate abilities. Join us for a week of New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Intensive Facet I Personal Development Training Retreat in Lombok, Indonesia.

“You came to Planet Earth to find yourself. Happiness, success and abundance are already yours. All you need to do is become a master of yourself!” – Dr Francisco Coll


There is plenty of information available today on spiritual development, consciousness expansion, meditation, life after death, angels, guides etc. Reading books, listening to people talk about this and watching videos will fill your intellect with lots of theories but the REAL POWER comes from your inner feelings, when you experience it for yourself, finding your own truth and applying it to your own life.

The Wayshowers College is a College of experience. You are shown how to get your own answers for yourself without theology, dogma or having to fit into someone else’s belief systems. Spiritual freedom to be ourselves and to find who we really are is important to all of us, and this can help you to find it.



New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Intensive

  • Find a greater depth of who you are, why you came here and where you are going
  • Learn and practice a simple but powerful technique to help you to stay spiritually cleansed and directed
  • Begin to unfold and develop your own intuitive abilities through the gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling
  • Find that Spiritual Guides, Inner Guidance, Angels, your Higher Self – whatever you prefer to call it – will become a reality in your every day life as you understand how to work with the resources available to you
  • Understand your inner loyalty to yourself vs outer loyalty
  • Learn techniques that can help you in your personal, business and social life
  • Open your sensitivity and know how to make it work for you
  • If you feel your calling is to teach others, you will have the tools to get your own groups of people together, with ongoing support from Julie and our global team
  • Your life will change. Are you ready for that?



Day 1: Sunday
Arrive in Lombok and pick up from airport or harbour
Check in at hotel

Day 2: Monday
7am Morning Meditation
8am Breakfast
9am Welcome to Lombok and Introductions
10am to 11.30am New Spiritual Horizons Presentation: The Real You
11am to 12.30pm Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons Technique Workshop
12.30pm to 2.00pm Lunch Break
2pm to 4pm Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons Technique Workshop
4pm Discover the local shops, change money, buy water, sarong etc
6pm Welcome to Lombok group dinner at beachside restaurant

Day 3: Tuesday
7am Morning Meditation
8am Breakfast
9am to 12.30pm New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Facet 1: The Real Me: A Spiritual Being
12.30pm to 2pm Lunch Break
2pm to 6pm Special Balinese Temple Tour (see below for details)
Evening Regrouping of the day

Day 4: Wednesday
7am Morning Meditation
8am Breakfast
9am to 12.30pm Workshop: Awaken Your Intuition and Connect With Inner Guidance
12.30pm to 2pm Lunch Break
2pm to 3.30pm Workshop: Awaken Your Intuition and Connect With Inner Guidance
3.30pm to 5pm New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Facet 1: The Real Me: A Spiritual Being
Evening Regrouping of the day

Day 5: Thursday
7am Morning Meditation
8am Breakfast
9am to 12.30pm New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Facet 1: The Real Me: A Spiritual Being
12.30pm to 2pm Lunch Break
2pm to 5pm New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Facet 1: The Real Me: A Spiritual Being
5.30pm to 7.30pm Sunset tour: Watch the sunset from a beautiful vantage point with a refreshing coconut or tea
Evening Regrouping of the day

Day 6: Friday
7am Morning Meditation
8am Breakfast
9am to 12.30pm Introduction to New Spiritual Horizons Spiritual Expansion Groups
12.30pm to 2pm Lunch Break
2pm to 4pm Introduction to New Spiritual Horizons Spiritual Expansion Groups
4pm to 5pm Personal Regrouping and Wrapup

Day 7: Saturday
7am to 9am Breakfast
Depart: Drop off at your next hotel, airport or harbour

Note: The daily program is subject to change to suit the individual groups needs, local cultural events, weather etc. Please understand the need to be flexible in case of changes to the schedule.




The mystical island of Lombok will uncover some of its secrets as you are guided through this program and other activities by Julie Jara who has been visiting this island for over 20 years and your local tour guide and Balinese Healer Nengah Wenten (who we call Wenten).



The Balinese philosophy encompasses all religions and belief systems as part of universal truth and love. An authentic tour, rarely experienced by those outside the Balinese community, has been arranged by Wenten specially for our retreat guests.

Start with a spiritual cleansing of the body at a Ganesha Temple. A spiritual offering is then lead by a local priest in a ceremony as a cleansing for the soul. You will need to dress appropriately to enter a temple with a sarong and temple scarf (both men and women).



We have chosen a small hillside beach cottage hotel with expansive views over Senggigi Beach. There is a restaurant, swimming pool, free wifi, safety deposit box in reception, laundry service, walk across the road to the beach, many restaurants, souvenir shop and convenience store. Your room is lovely traditional Balinese style with original wood carving, en-suite bathroom and balcony with garden and sea views.

It is on a hillside in the main Senggigi area so there are steps. Single/double rooms have one large bed and 20-30 steps to walk up. Twin rooms have two large beds and 100 steps to walk up. Our course area is on the top with 100 steps, although when you get there you will appreciate the wonderful view from the balcony and refreshing sea breeze.



Airport/Harbour pick up and drop off in air conditioned car
Hotel accommodation with private en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, garden & sea views 6x nights
Wifi is available in the hotel and in most rooms but may be slow at times (same as all hotels in Lombok)
Breakfast each morning
Group Dinner on Monday evening (purchase your own drinks)
Morning meditations, Balinese Yoga and Meditation. Optional – you can sleep in if you prefer.
Evening regrouping to complete each day – optional.
Tours as indicated with professional local guide, includes entry to temple, parking fees
All Tuition
Man and the Universe Book
New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workbook
Personal Profile Sheets

Travel to and from Lombok. From Australia we recommend the 20 minute flight from Bali.
Travel insurance – highly recommended
Lunch and dinner each day (except the first night group dinner which is included) A meal is usually around $5 – $20 depending on where and what you eat and drink:)
Water, drinks, snacks, massages
Notebook and pen
Personal expenses such as sunscreen, insect repellent
Sarong and temple scarf hire
Tips to local guides





  • Register with a non-refundable deposit of $200usd to secure your place.
  • Full payment is due 4 weeks before the retreat.
  • We accept Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, transferwise or cash. Contact Julie for payment details or any questions.
  • Double or twin room share discount – contact Julie
  • Single room upgrade to large room with two double beds, expansive ocean views, large balcony, outside bathroom, 100 steps up the hill. $140usd
  • Bring a friend/partner/carer not participating in the programs but includes airport or harbour transport, group dinner, Introductory Presentation, morning meditations, tours: Double room $250usd extra, Twin room (upgraded large room) $390usd extra.



Go to our global New Spiritual Horizons Website HERE where you can watch a 20 minute Man and The Universe Introductory Lecture video. This will give you a good idea if this is for you, and if you are ready for the Submersion Intensive that WILL change your life.

Contact Julie to discuss the program, accommodation, traveling to Bali and Lombok or anything else. As soon as you land in Lombok we will pick you up and take care of everything.



Are you interested in a healing retreat in Lombok ? I have scheduled a 7 day program that you might like to take before this, making it a two week life adventure. You can find details of this retreat called THE LAST RESORT HOLISTIC HEALING LIFE RETREAT on my other website HERE.



“I learn’t I am a soul having a human experience, I am here to master myself!”

“I enjoyed every part of this course, it was insightful and I loved being here in this setting, it was perfect for me.”

“I learn’t how to use my spirituality to guide my life.”

“My highlight was knowing about my self identity and my own leadership.”

“I got a lot out of the techniques. It was beneficial for me to do the course over 5 days, to really go in depth. The venue was great, good location by the water and I loved the massages!”

Note: Massages are available from around $8 per hour (plus $2 tip suggested).


Phone Julie on 0403 312 316  International +61 403 312 316 Email  or fill out our on-line Form. Phone Wenten in Lombok on +62 878 6542 8011