Green Soap

Now why would I have soap here? What has soap got to do with healing or personal development?


Most commercial products are laden with chemicals, toxins, harmful smelly stuff produced in a lab AND they cost a fortune.

As I have progressed in my personal and spiritual growth I find am more sensitive to the products I use. I found green soap, neutralizer and moisturizer great products that I have been using for years and finally thought I should tell you about it.

Some of the things I find it great for are below, and you can click on the link to go to the Miracle II Australia website to find out more. I am not selling it myself, but if you like the sound and feel of it I can highly recommend you try some. Just click on the links to go to their website.

Miracle II Soap with MoisturizerMiracle II Soap with Moisturizer

Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and the green colour is from seaweed. Smells nice but does not leave a smell on your skin and foams up great. It comes as a concentrate so you have to dilute it. I use it for:

Washing my face and body
Washing my hair, great to soap up and leave on for a bit
Foot soak – 20 minutes as a detox is just heaven
Bubble bath with no toxins but lots of bubbles
Washing the dog and cat – kills and will keep off fleas, ticks, mites etc and they feel so soft and fluffy
Travel soap as it is concentrated


Miracle II Soap RegularMiracle II Soap regular

I use this for:

Washing the dishes – then I put the water on the garden
Cleaning the kitchen benches (mixed with vinegar)
Cleaning the floor
Washing my clothes
Washing the car
As a spray for plants to keep the bugs off


Neutralizer Liquid or GelMiracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel

Here are some things I use it for:

Rub on insect bites to relieve the itch
Sunburn – I am an expert at sunburn and this works very well
Clean vegetables
Internally as a detox and balance PH
On the face under moisturizer to clear the complexion
Spray on the dog for itchys or rashes
Spray in shoes to keep fresh and smell free


moisturiser_lowres-copy-2Miracle II Skin Moisturizer

Made from apricot, almond, coconut oils and vitamin e, its yum without a smell.

I use it on my face and body – it’s great that it has no smell
You can use it in your hair as a conditioner


CLICK HERE to go the Miracle II Website and find out more or to purchase.