Connect with Inner Guidance

The biggest change in my life was when I realized that I was not alone.

I had always felt life was hard and nobody seemed to have the answers I was looking for. I did not understand why I was here, as if I missed the instruction book of life. When I first heard the concept that I had a team of Guides, Angels, Inner Guidance, Higher Self – call it what you like – to help me with anything in my life and that I could have a clear communication, I did not believe it. I thought how could that be?

My feelings or intuition said there was something in this, and I trusted to pursue it a little further. I discovered my psychic gifts, a simple yet powerful technique to keep my energy clear and directed and was shown how I could receive answers to my questions. I went out and tested it and it worked! I found an inner communication I never dreamed possible.

I use this for everything in my life.

I still make my own plans and decisions, but with tremendous insights and help that makes everything so much easier. It works with the small things like making my daily ‘to do’ list and the big things like setting up a program in an overseas country knowing it will all work out.

You can learn this too.

The second best change in my life was when I learnt to pass on this information to others. Everyone has all the help they need and can learn to do this in a one hour personal profile session. This is also offered in a one day workshop.

Spiritual ProfileOrientation Profile:
Awaken Your Intuition and Connect with Inner Guidance

This is a comprehensive profile of your personal communication system of your four psychic gifts: Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling.

Personal inner guidance will be explained to you and you will be instructed in techniques to help you develop a clear two-way communication to receive your own answers.

How often do you have hunches about something that turns out to be true; and you wish you had paid more attention?

Do you have intuitive ability but are not sure how to use it effectively or do you feel that you are not always able to control of it?

Have you been communicating with your Angels, Guides, Helpers and wish you could receive clear answers back?

Do you have trouble making decisions and wish you could feel greater confidence in trusting yourself?

Personal Profiles are designed to help you understand your true spiritual nature and experience the reality of the soul by expanding your inner freedom. A private session allows you to be in a relaxed situation in which to discover your deeper feelings and are geared to helping you help yourself.

In this one hour personal consultation you will:

  • Discover how you communicate with the natural sensitivity you were born with through the four gifts of Intuition, Prophecy, Vision and Feeling.
  • Receive a personal check-up to find where your energy is being directed at this time.
  • Learn a technique you can use every day to move to a higher level to stay relaxed and clear at all times. This technique will cleanse your energy to cut through any negativity or depression to feel crystal clear in an instant.
  • Clarify your relationship with your Inner Guidance/Spiritual Guides/Higher Self and learn how you can develop a clear two-way communication.
  • Learn how to check the inspirations you receive so you never need to doubt your decisions again!

Pre-requisites: NoneMan and the Universe BookConnect with Inner Guidance
Duration: 1 hour personal consultation
Fee: $220
Includes: Personally customized profile sheet with information specific to you
Bookings: Click on the yellow Buy Now button to pay with PayPal or Credit Card. OR contact Julie by phone/email to arrange your appointment in person or via Skype worldwide.

Recommended: Man and The Universe Book and Connect With Inner Guidance/Connect With Your Angels Workbook