June 2017 Intuitive Impressions: Self Love

This month it’s time to focus on the most important person in the world; you. When you love yourself, you have space to love others.

Give yourself time to do things that nurture and feed your soul. Have a massage, take a bath with lovely oils, go for a walk in nature, anything that makes you feel good. You might even want to have a lovely breakfast with yourself, like the french toast with berries and bacon pictured. (it was extremely yum, pre-purchased @ 50% discount from Groupon).

Think of all the positive things about yourself and honor yourself for just being you. Write a list of everything good about yourself. Don’t stop at 10, go to 100 or 200. And remember everything you see in others, you also have in yourself.

You are unique and have a unique life purpose. You are important because nobody can do what you came to do.


Intuitive Impressions and Techniques for 2017 by Julie Jara

This year is going to be interesting both on the outer, and more importantly on the inner, with large changes inevitable. While world events are playing out on the stage of illusion, take time for yourself each day, a few minutes first thing when you wake up and then in the evening, in meditation and contemplation.

A keyword and practical technique for each month will give you a pivot point to help unfold your psychic sensitivity. If you practice these techniques every day you will notice positive change happening in your life. Start a diary and take daily notes each morning and regroup around your daily experiences in the evenings.

HOW DID YOU GO LAST MONTH? Check the post for May 2017 and regroup on what this meant to you?

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