I lied to you

Manly dailyI lied to you.

Well I didn’t really. I have been saying for years that I really never felt like I was a healer. When my hands started buzzing and I had dreams where I was being shown how to do healing it felt quite odd to me and it was not until I did a weekend seminar and learn’t Reconnective Healing that I felt like I could do anything with it.

Now here I find a newspaper clipping of me with my hands in the air doing ‘psychic healing’.

But I wasn’t, it was the media who inserted those words and interpretations from what we said in the interview, to make it newsworthy and interesting. They also asked us to stand like that, and not being very well trained back then, I just did what they wanted.

Its not newsworthy to say that we help people to help themselves. Its not interesting to say that tuning into your inner self is the best thing on the planet. It’s not going to sell a newspaper to say that bringing balance back into you life will help you to heal.

But what they printed worked, we had hundreds of people turn up to our events and and continue to do so today.

Yes, that is me on the left with the short blonde hair. I had been traveling through Asia and India for six months and ended up while snowed in on a mountain top in Nepal cutting off all my hair. It was much easier for the type of traveling I was doing back then. By the end I simply had a small carry bag on my back with one change of clothes, a sarong (for multi purposes – as a towel, to sleep on, to wear) toothbrush, soap, passport. What more do you really need?

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