May 2017 Intuitive Impressions: Prioritize

May 2017 Prioritize.

Are you always busy with too much to do? Here is a simple tip to help prioritize what you do every day, freeing up more time so you can focus on what you love doing.

Write down a list of everything you have to do.

Make a priority order by marking each A, B, C or D.

A is imperative to get done, B is very important, C is kind of important and D does not matter.

Do the A tasks first to feel more relaxed in your day doing the other things with plenty of time to focus what’s really important, your spiritual growth. It sounds really simple but can you stick with it? I know I have trouble doing the A projects first, there are always creative ideas that come and feel more exciting and I jump in, often wishing afterwards I had put the idea on a list and stuck to what I really HAD to do first. See how you go this month with doing the A priority list FIRST, then moving to other things.

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