Confused about loyalty

Loyalty to selfWhat do you do when someone you know is hurting himself or herself? When you sense that they are in a situation that will most likely not end until death ends it.

The surest thing in our life is that it will end some time, it has a clear beginning when we are born, and a clear ending when the soul departs the body. There is surely a very big difference when you depart at ease with yourself, at peace with your life, the decisions you have made and with feelings of love for the people you have chosen to have around you.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 800,000 people commit suicide each year worldwide. For each individual who takes his/her own life, at least 20 attempt to do so. Then there are those who engage in risk taking activities that may also lead to death that would not be counted in these statistics.

I have a friend who has gotten into an emotionally challenging situation that is repeating, over and over, in different forms, but it keeps on happening. They attract the same situations, the same type of people and the emotions that are stimulated are the same ones! They have become so confused about their loyalty to self that they are allowing outside situations to take over their life, they are doing for others but are not doing what they need to do for themselves and they are not in a good place.

Even more worrying is that it is being hidden. On the outside they are still living their life, going to work, out for social events, meeting with friends but deep inside this problem is growing.

You might know someone yourself in a situation like this, it may even be you. How do you change?

One thing I have always seen is that there is always hope, as long as you still have your physical body you have the chance to work on your personal development.

But what if you have not worked it out by the time you pass over? My belief is that as a soul we are eternal, that we have come here to develop who we are and to move forward by learning lessons that life brings. My own personal experiences have shown me that even after death we work on our personal development UNTIL we learn the lesson. It is, however, so much easier to do while we are in our physical body, with our daily experiences to guide us to the right path. There IS always hope, we will learn the lesson, but sometimes it can take a very long time.

I am wondering how I can help my friend the most, I have spoken with them, I have been with other friends who have repeated the same concerns that I have, and I have offered suggestions. I have also realized there is a time to step back, I cannot do for someone what they are not willing to do for themselves. I can offer all the backing, support and love possible, but I cannot make them change, I cannot make them see their situation as is obvious from the outside, they do need to get to the point where they see it for themselves.

As I only know too well, true spirit does not tell you what to do, it does not take your free will, it is there when you ask, and there as a ‘guide’ but you still need to make your own decisions. I have said so many times that your guides will never interfere with your free will, that they would allow you to pass over rather than take the opportunity away from you to learn a lesson.

I guess this is a time for me to see how well I do at behaving like that towards a dear friend. I will call them today and have a chat.

Julie xx


One thought on “Confused about loyalty

  1. Yes Julie knowi g when to back away from ongoing situations is important not o ly to their growth but our own health as healers and care givers.

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