February 2017 Intuitive Impressions: Connection

February Intuitive ImpressionsFebruary 2017 – Connection.

This month is a time to develop a deeper connection with your inner sensitivity and then expand this connection with the outside world. The more you take time to notice and feel and sense the present moment, the more you will increase your connection to other people, animals, plants, the earth, the planets and the rhythms and routines that we are a natural part of.

In your daily practice, sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax your shoulders (where we often hold a lot of tension) and let go. You can also do this while walking on the beach, in a park or even on the bus or train to work.

Imagine being fully connected deep into the earth and notice how it feels. Imagine the connection from the top of your head or crown chakra out to the universe and notice. See yourself as being fully connected to everyone else in this field and having the help and support of spirit in everything you do. Notice and be aware of what you are feeling. See if you can continue this throughout your day.

Regroup each evening on how you felt through the day and how much more connection you felt.


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