January 2017 Intuitive Impressions: Inner Peace

January 2017 – Inner Peace.

Inner PeaceLets start by tuning into your TRUE FEELINGS this month. Each day meditate on the events coming up in the day and notice how it feels using your gift of CLAIRSENTIENCE or CLEAR FEELING.

Your daily meditation does not need to be a big deal, it can simply be a few moments as soon as you wake up, a walk on the beach, forest or park, while weeding the garden or walking the dog. Of course you can sit cross legged for an hour if you want or feel the need but not many of us have time for that. Meditation in action can also be a wonderful benefit to your day.

If something does not feel good ask for insights on how you can change it?

If you are thinking about something you will be doing during the day and it does not feel good, take a deep breath in and ask mentally “how can I change this feeling?”. Let go of your breath and see what insights or ideas come up. If you have practiced for a long time it may come up immediately, or it may take a while, the answer may even pop into your mind or feelings during the day.

Your true feelings will always be the guide for what is right for you and will lead you to having deeper peace within.

Feel free to share this technique with anyone who may benefit. Julie Jara

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