Intuitive Impressions for 2017

An article by Julie Jara as published in the International Psychics Directory 2017.

2017 International Psychics DirectoryThis year is going to be interesting both on the outer, and more importantly on the inner, with large changes inevitable. While world events are playing out on the stage of illusion, take time for yourself each day, a few minutes first thing when you wake up and then in the evening, in meditation and contemplation.

A keyword and practical technique for each month will give you a pivot point to help unfold your psychic sensitivity. If you practice these techniques every day you will notice positive change happening in your life. Start a diary and take daily notes each morning and regroup around your daily experiences in the evenings.

I will be posting the Intuitive Impression Keyword and Technique each month. January 2017 is now up!

If you would like your own copy of the Directory with the Monthly Impressions for the whole year just send me $3.50 for postage as well as your postal address and I will mail it to you anywhere in Australia.

If you have a PayPal account simply go to this link to send securely: PayPal.Me/JulieJara/3.50

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